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Document Preparation

Document Preparation

Dimension National Title is able to provide lenders with customizable loan documents that best fit their individual lending needs. Within Dimension's platform, you are able to produce mortgage closing documents which are compliant, customized for the lender and easy to produce. We provide documents through customized software which is supported by select employees with backgrounds in the financial and technological industry. Around the clock technical support is provided with a commitment to excellence in meeting the needs of our valued lenders.

Our partner has been an industry leader for over eighteen years, and responds immediately and proactively to updates and revisions of forms and documents, ensuring optimal accuracy and integrity of the documentation. This advanced technology provides us the ability to merge data into the appropriate forms creating your custom designed loan package within moments, which is a crucial feature for the fast-paced finance industry. Once your data is submitted, you have the ability to immediately retrieve your documents through Dimension's platform.

Depending on the size of the file and format the lender has requested, the documents can be returned and ready to be printed in as little as 30 seconds but may take as long as two minutes. Should any corrections be needed, those corrections will go through the same process as new orders and again the time frame will range from just 30 seconds to as long as two minutes.

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